About Estuary Firebreaks

Estuary Firebreaks was established in 1979 to service the Murray, Peel and surrounding areas. We are locally owned and operated specialist firebreak and clearing contractors.

We underwent a change in ownership and management in 2011 and have since updated and increased our equipment levels with a dedicated approach to service excellence.

Aside from Firebreak and Slashing regulations, as set out by the respective Shires / Councils, firebreaks are a simple way to protect your property from fire. A firebreaks is a strip of cleared or ploughed land which allows easy access for emergency vehicles during a fire.

With a number of firebreak and slashing contractors servicing the Mandurah and Peel regions, it is important to make sure that your chosen firebreak and slashing specialist has area-specific experience and expertise.

Estuary Firebreaks continually strives to exceed your service expectations, and provide you with an affordable, high quality firebreak / slashing / rotary hoeing service. Due to our continued relationship and experience in dealing with the Mandurah, Murray and Waroona Shires (who we are regularly contracted to do similar firebreak, slashing and clearance work for) you can be sure that we have the experience you need to ensure that you comply with all Council and Shire Firebreak requirements when it comes to all your firebreak, slashing and rotary hoeing needs.

Meet our helpful, hard-working, firebreaks specialist team.

Over and above an exceptional team that is truly focused on and dedicated to delivering the best service at the most reasonable cost, we sport a complete range of quality equipment (bobcat, loaders, tractors, rotary hoes, slashers and chemical spraying equipment, to mention but a few) to get the job done.

In short… we have the right team and the right equipment, in the best condition, to do the job quickly and efficiently.


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