Firebreaks and Slashing Services

Choosing your firebreaks and slashing services specialist can be a daunting and onerous task. It is important to ensure that you partner with a reputable, established and respected firebreak contractor.

Estuary Firebreaks is your respected, established firebreak and slashing services contractor.

We have all the right equipment, in the best condition, to complete all the firebreak and slashing services work you need done quickly and efficiently. We work within the safety regulations of the Mandurah, Pinjarra and Waroona Shires and have all requisite safety equipment to complete your firebreaks and slashing services and all other related work safely and without incident.

Range of firebreaks and slashing services:

House block and Small Acre Slashing

  • Tractor and Slasher works especially well for new sub-divisions due to the presentation and the dust suppression control.

Rotary Hoed firebreaks

  • This involves turning the earth with the aid of a Rotary Hoe for “bare earth requirements” Rotary Hoes can be used to create firebreaks as long as ground conditions permit.
  • Firebreaks are a simple way to help protect your property from fire. It is a strip of cleared or ploughed land to allow easy access for emergency vehicles during a fire.

Residential block clearing

  • Clearing of a block of rubbish, trees and debris, etc with the aid of a bobcat

Residential block clean-ups

  • Bobcat clearing of rubble, etc

Chemical Spraying and weed control

  • Chemical spraying aims to reduce load and kill / lessen weed burden early. Estuary Firebreaks is a licensed sprayer. Chemical firebreaks may be an option in areas that may be prone to soil erosion.

Large scale mowing services

  • Out front mowers allow for quality, large scale mowing.

Example of before and after photos of Small Acre Slashing

Example of Rotary Hoeing

Examples of before and after photos of block clearing


  • Kubota 4x 4 Tractor with frontend loader attachment
  • Kubota 4310 4×4 Tractor
  • Kubota Out Front Mower
  • Toro Out Front Mower
  • Trucks
  • Loader
  • Rotary hoes
  • Slashers
  • Chemical Spraying equipment

Small Equipment

  • Chainsaws
  • Whipper Snippers
  • Mowers
  • Blowers
  • Safety signs and equipment
  • Fire Fighter Unit

Photograph of some of our firebreaks and slashing equipment:


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